If you start to sneeze, soak a piece of cotton with propolis tincture and hold it a half hour on the nose to stop the viruses.

Viruses carry profits to pharmaceutical companies, but there is no pharmacy that has a mean that heals the flu. The only effective remedy is in the bee hive.
From the sticky mixture that melliferous insects store on the walls of their wooden homes, is making tincture. Just a few drops of it are enough to save you from the annoying cold.

The best mean is a vitamin bomb, which is preparing of three grated carrots in olive oil, 40 g. of sunflower seeds or flax seed and 15 drops of propolis tincture.
It destroys free radicals, which multiply with great force during the flu and recover the body. It has also a strong anticancer effect.

When you sneeze more than twice in succession, you become ill. The first thing when you get a cold, is to soak a piece of cotton with propolis tincture and place it on the tip of the nose. Thus rhinitis disappears quickly. If you allow the viruses to cross the threshold, they enter into alveolus and there is a risk of pneumonia or bronchopneumonia.

There are 100 of harmful microorganisms in the oral cavity. But If you make yourself a chewing gum from propolis and chew it, you will destroy them.

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